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Welcome! My name is April Alayne and I live outside of Baltimore, MD. I have been drawing since I could hold onto a brush. Creativity was a big part of my childhood. Growing up with 3 sisters (one a twin) we all found our own favorite activities and mine happened to involve a lot of paper and other crafty things.

Throughout the years I always made time for drawing, in doodle form or in 6 ft canvas form I constantly have a pencil or pen in hand. Illustrating is my passion and my number one creative outlet. My favorite things to draw are people and ideas. I also greatly enjoy doodling cute characters or personifying otherwise every day objects. I draw inspiration from emotions, colors, movement, basically life.

Due to a back injury late in high school I was lead to to the discovery I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and financially art school for me was not an option. After my 4 artistically stuffed years of high school I decided to go to the next creative rout with a guaranteed paycheck in 2008. Cosmetology.

Cosmetology for me has been a wonderful way to express my artistic side in the real world. The human body is no different then a canvas, I just have to use a more friendly medium. When people leave my chair or arrive at that photo shoot totally confidant and proud it is honestly one of the best feelings in the world.

In 2010 when the economy was crashing I was unemployed for a good solid 2 years. It was a blessing in disguise. During that time I focused more on my art and my crafting. Having absolutely no money my sister lent me 25 dollars to make the very first “Slumber Jack” and from there my creative career took off.

With help from my amazing friends who introduced me to and the generosity of my sister I was able to get up on my feet again. I started not one but two Etsy shops. Always April and  Thread Over Heels. My art and illustrations took a back seat to what I thought would sell more. I posted a couple drawings and doodles but didn’t think anything of them.  “Slumber Jacks” and  Up-cycling vintage dresses was my full time job. I always have been involved with sewing. My mother always had a singer and I would dabble with it growing up. I would always create my Halloween costumes and as  grew so did my designs and skill. Up-cycling old clothing or finding and altering a great vintage dresses has always been a passion of mine so I made a business out of it. A year later I introduced “Slumber Jacks and Friends” the silly lumberjack pillow case I made as a joke for a friend. I posted it having no expectations for this little guy but it wasn’t until I was selling out of him and getting contacted for wholesale orders I knew people loved him!

Things we going great and during the craziness of TOH I still found time to draw. The first drawing that really made my artistic career blossom was “Bound” . They were the first of my girls that lead to the total consumption of illustrating. My earlier pieces were fun to create but it wasn’t till I created these two that something clicked in me. It became an obsession that I am still growing with. I have been getting more creative with my artwork. Branching out to different canvases and mixed media. Breaking out power tools and a helping hand when needed to create something unique or up-cycling objects  to transform into art .

Social media help spread the word of my work. and in 2012 I did my very first craft fair. The DC Spring thing ran by the DC Craft Mafia. It was a total success and I tried to do  a show at least once a month in those years.  Since then I have branched out to do more upscale shows such as the Renegade Craft fair and Artscape. In 2013 I took a gamble and did my very first tattoo convention in Baltimore ( since people were getting my work tattooed on them left and right) and it was more then I could hope for! I have been doing them ever since in addition to comic cons, galleries and other shows along the east coast.


When I am not  traveling to sell work at I spend my time living in with a fantastic assistant and my cat in my studio home on the Chesapeake bay.  You can find out where I will be next on my fan page


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Christen and I represent a small childrens art studio in Gaithersburg, MD. I was wondering if you would be interested in becoming an children’s art teacher? We are looking for someone currently. I am not sure where you currently live, and this is a part time job, but if you think you would be able to make the commute, we may have a place for you. Please email me back if you are interested, and I will pass any conversations along to the owner.


  2. Your Job is Beautifully like are your Person.
    Talent and Art are in your hands.
    You are Glories.


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