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Antler Art – The Original

I have always loved the look of antlers, the unique shapes and colors and no 2 are ever alike.  I noticed antler art is usually the interest of county folk and woodland lodge decor type and that inst a style I particularly  care for. So with this new collection I tried to create a shabby chic, mod  even twisted pieces of original artwork using naturally shed antlers.

I always use NATURALLY SHED antlers. No deer are ever harmed for the making of my work.

I find a lovely horn, draw inspiration from everyday things like movement, or faces,  photography or color, break out my power tools and some elbow grease and create. My mood depicts the style and feel of each piece i create…its forever changing.

Totally original one of a kinds. No where else will you fin the combination of artwork and Antlers.

please feel free to write me an email if you are interested!

Working on oakme in action

The creations

Antler work in progress



For Sale $175not including shipping

For Sale $175
not including shipping

For Sale: $85Slight storm damage.

For Sale: $85
Slight storm damage.



For Sale: $350

For Sale: $350

For Sale:$600- Award Winning

For Sale:
$600- Award Winning

2 responses »

  1. Jessica Elaine

    I love these so much! Amazing work.

  2. these are gorgeous, keep up the great work 🙂


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