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Have a question about anything?

Shoot me an email:

(double zero)

Feel free to write me with any questions about a custom design/ illustration, designing your next tattoo, selling my work at your store, or just to say hi! I would love to hear from you.

If you are wondering about using my pieces for anything (including tattoos) you are more then welcome to buy the print at my art shop or make a donation on the home page to keep the art (and artist) alive.

-buying prints does not give you reproduction rights-

Thank you so much for taking interest in my work. I truly appreciate it.

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  1. Can you sell a print of the cat beard?

  2. Hi April, your detailed hair drawings are fantastic. I’m looking to restyle my girlfriend’s hair and was wondering what you’d ask for a detailed black and white drawing of it if I gave you the instructions and her face photo? I’m thinking something like Blake Lively’s long hair styles with three braids on top, a couple of feathers in her hair and wild wavy, etc. I’d provide the examples I’m thinking about and you can blend them the way you esthetically choose as best for her round face shape, etc.? thanks.

    • Hey there!
      Thank you so much for liking my work!
      I am not taking on commissions at the moment. When I do I will post to and this blog!
      Send me a message then! =)
      Thank you so very much and have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi, first of all your artwork is amazing and hi I am Miranda. I have a fiend who got your fox picture as a tatoo. She shows everybodddyyy your website. I’m so happy to have come by it. I got a small butterfly tattoo when I was 14. It’s almost ten years old and for nine i have been trying to find something to cover it with . I will deff. Be purchasing some prints and artwork from you and supporting you for sure but I would also love to have a piece of your as the tattoo I’ve been searching for. The idea with the fox i love so much. If you could briefly mention to me how requesting designs or coming to your personally for a drawing works I would appreciate it as we’ll as an estimate of a charge. I was either thinking a similar to the fox one but with a bird that is different from the crow like a pea cock or something exotic and uplifting looking around a girl similar to the fox girl . This is a fresh idea and I’m sure with more time I could come up with some specifics but just want to get an idea about how this requesting goes. I also work on the street In key west and promise to spread your art and website to everyone I see. :). Goodnight

  4. Oh geez I thought this was a private email sorry for the lengthy comment.


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