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Slumber Jacks!

il_fullxfull.293004226 il_fullxfull.293574100What are Slumber Jacks you say?
Slumber Jacks are adorable pillow or pillowcases to look like your favorite icons. Whether it is a zombie, the president, or you dad! There are no limits to these one of a kind creations!
History of the Slumber Jack:
The slumber Jack came about when April was chatting with her boyfriend ( about her love for lumberjacks. She stated she was going to dress her body pillow (that she snuggles every night) to look like a lumberjack so she would never be alone- “oh a slumber jack?” He joked-


And then he was born.

She showed her friends her new creation and they requested one to have for their very own. So she made a couple more. And from there they took off!

And now that he has friends he is sure to be a personal pleaser to everyone!

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  1. Wow! I love those pillows. They are so cute! I am visiting right now!

  2. To be frank, i have seen a lot of pillows, but this ones look so beautiful! Am checking them out now.


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