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Happy Birthday Always April!

Yesterday was my 1st Etsy shops 4th Birthday!
To celebrate I am having a giveaway.


Like and share to have a chance to win! That easy! 

Why should you enter? Because who doesn’t like free things? Start an instant collection! And even if my illustrations aren’t up your particular ally the HOLIDAYS are coming up and whats better then something a little original.  Over $60 worth of original art prints signed and dated

Those are some of the images you get to chose from.

Please feel free to join the contest! Leave a comment here there everywhere so I can get your name on the list.

I will be picking the winner by the end of the month.


Darwin’s Daughter.

This is my new addition to my girls collection “Darwin’s Daughter”, I named her Cheli.

I have been asked by many to create a mermaid and this is what I came up with.  Ok so Cheli is not really your typical mermaid illustration but I enjoy the way she turned out.  I got whisked away on the classic story of the siren pining to be on land but with this illustration it dabbles with the thoughts of evolution as well. Like her sisters she is strongly influenced by floriography and symbolism. The Chelindonium plant in the lost language of flowers means the joys to come and compliments the Angraecum sesquipedale plant ( Darwin’s orchid) that represents hope.  The very suggestive Japanese flying fish is a symbol of time and stages of evolution. This being said Cheli I feel is the classic story of  The little mermaid with a scientific twist.

Cheli, will be available on Etsy very soon but in the mean time check out her sisters and other prints!

Have a great night every one.


Please let me introduce my newest illustration.



2012- April Alayne.

She, like her sisters illustrated before, was inspired by my love of floriography.

PRINTS will soon be available on

Thanks for looking, I hope you all are having a luscious day.




Puro Rock n Roll

As you all know from my last blog I  have been starting to use antlers in my artwork these days.

For this piece I have combined the 3 of my favorite things; my love for antlers,  Suicide Girls, and sketching.

SuicideGirls is a adult community that celebrates alternative beauty and alternative culture from all over the world. I simply love the fact that their perspective of models are everyday people, people with freckles, un-manicured nails, curves, tattoos, just people.  I recently bought Beauty Redefined as a reference book  and Irenella, a model from Spain, influenced this piece greatly.  Her super sexy look was very eye catching and it made me think of artwork by Audry Kawasaki, whom I LOVE.  So with that in mind I created a piece that is sensual, retro and a little odd. Just the way I like’um.

Like Bjork said, ” Sensuality; It takes courage to enjoy it.” go ahead and muster up some, it ok.

And yes… I just quoted Bjork. Dont judge me….

(Fun Fact: Lady in Spain by Ingrid Michaels came on Pandora whilst writing that!)

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