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Kitten Beard

Kitten Beard

He doesn’t need explaining.

Here are some process and close up shots.

Prints Available on ETSY 


catbeard 006WMcatbeard 004wm

catbeard 007WM

Puro Rock n Roll

As you all know from my last blog I  have been starting to use antlers in my artwork these days.

For this piece I have combined the 3 of my favorite things; my love for antlers,  Suicide Girls, and sketching.

SuicideGirls is a adult community that celebrates alternative beauty and alternative culture from all over the world. I simply love the fact that their perspective of models are everyday people, people with freckles, un-manicured nails, curves, tattoos, just people.  I recently bought Beauty Redefined as a reference book  and Irenella, a model from Spain, influenced this piece greatly.  Her super sexy look was very eye catching and it made me think of artwork by Audry Kawasaki, whom I LOVE.  So with that in mind I created a piece that is sensual, retro and a little odd. Just the way I like’um.

Like Bjork said, ” Sensuality; It takes courage to enjoy it.” go ahead and muster up some, it ok.

And yes… I just quoted Bjork. Dont judge me….

(Fun Fact: Lady in Spain by Ingrid Michaels came on Pandora whilst writing that!)

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