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TATTOO designs and requests

I get many questions regarding my work and using my illustrations for tattoos.

What and honor! Thank you so much for loving my work I truly appreciate it. If you would like to use one of my designs that I have already illustrated please make a minimum donation of $25  so I can keep the art alive.

As I do appreciate when people use my illustrations for a tattoo it does raise the question of “stolen work” and the answer is yes… it is. I take it as a compliment always and forever first however purchasing a print or donating would be more then appreciated so I can continue to create for everyone and you know… pay bills.

Custom Designs? You bet’cha. Shoot me an email so we can talk shop. (double zero) I would love to work with you.

I will hold all rights to the designs and give you verbal credit to the original inspiration behind the pieces.

Payment I take via PayPal and spreading payments out is also an option.
Finding the right tattoo artist is crucial to duplicating my work. Please take the time and find a great artist that is comfortable with my pieces before you take the permanent plunge.


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  1. hello, I am extremely picky about art, but u. r truly amazing!! I want.a tattoo, and have designs in mind, and I would take it as an honor to have u draw it for me…please e mail me back so we can communicate this
    Lori Breceda

  2. Hey im getting a thigh sleeve dedicated to my grandmothers and would love to get you to draw up the lady with pug for me if your interested My email is So we can discuss details. Look forward to hearing from you 😀

  3. it will be good put your desings in a plugs for the ears! 🙂

    Greetings from Spain.. Sorry for my english.. hahaha ^^

  4. нравятся ваш работки :з

  5. Fournier Ophélie

    Absolutely amazing.
    Greetings from France


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