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Thread over Heels

black Sailboat

Thread Over Heels is my online vintage store.

I have all sizes available but  the store is catered more towards the 14+ section. I know how difficult it is to find cute vintage clothing in curvy girl sizes so I am making it a little easier for you full figured gals.

The dresses below are some of the favorites over time. Be sure to check out the shop for more recent finds.

TOH 2012 winter 673 TOH 2012 winter 663 Valentines 730 Valentines 644 FebMarch 730 FebMarch 704 FebMarch 612 hearts and sweaters 215 EtsyWinter 2 160 toh5 825 toh5 858 toh5 540 il_570xN.267595515 Navy Wheat toh 705 Back and White Hologram March27dresses 523 March27dresses 631 TOHMAY2012 486 Sunshine! TOHMAY2012 354 blue etsy 914 391 etsy 914 469 TOH 2012 winter 802

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